Telemarketing skills

Telemarketing skills training will benefit anyone using the telephone to contact prospects or existing customers to win more business or retain their custom.

Our thoughts:

Companies who understand the importance of return on activity, understand the value of contacting customers by phone. Especially effective business to business, the telephone is a cost effective way of developing relationships with identified parts of your customer base, or as part of your CRM strategy.

Our uniquely memorable way of teaching telemarketing skills, means that your people can control a call, build rapport quickly, develop call dialogues rather than scripts which are ones your people are happy to make, and ones which your customers are delighted to receive.

PICK Your Company ™ is a clear, simple, usable and proven method for making outbound calls. In fact, it follows such good communication principles we haven’t found an outbound call it wouldn’t work for.

Our bespoke training is tailored your market place, your people and your customers.

We can consult with you to consider the strategic role your telemarketing people can have in bringing income into the business, as well as assisting your management to manage telemarketing campaigns, telemarketing / telesales departments or your outbound call centre function.

Suggested content areas

• Professional telemarketing skills

• Individual learning objectives

• The effects of the telephone on communication

• The importance of gain, retain and grow to the business

• Making calls count

• Call dialogues

• The importance of structure for the calls you make

• PICK Your Company™ as a method of structuring outbound calls

• P Pre call objective – what are you trying to achieve from this call?

• I Introduction – how will you introduce yourself?

• C Converse and connect– making the call conversational – one which you will want to make, and one which they want to receive

• K Key questions to ask to understand their needs of a supplier

• Y Your message, you offer, your telephone account management service, the benefits of dealing with you

• C Close the call - agreeing the next steps ( your next call )

• Handling Objections – at any stage - techniques to overcome objections including getting past the gatekeeper

• Practical experience using telephone coaching equipment

• Exploring the day to day difficulties people face and developing strategies for dealing with these

• Learning review & action planning

Sales Directors You might like to incorporate telephone activity in your contact with prospects, we can help you defend against competitor activity and win new business by phone.

What is telemarketing?
Well to us, telemarketing is the use of proactive outbound telephone calls to contact customers or prospects, find out more by clicking here

Making calls count
Download our article on outbound telemarketing activity published in call centre focus magazine

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