What's the difference between training and development?

training courses

The difference between training and development can be summed up quite simply.

Training is delivered but participants and the companies paying for the training want development.

Quite simply training is an event, a seminar, a course, an elearning course.

Development is a process which allows individuals to learn and apply their learning so that they grow their skills, confidence and expertise.

Good training specialists craft training courses to ensure that not only is there good learning during the course, but that the learning is development programmes retained and applied in the workplace. Powerpoint presentations alone won’t do that. Good training consultants recognise the importance of focusing on the needs of the group they are working with to ensure the course achieves its learning outcomes.

A development programme works differently. It recgnises that one size doesn't fit all and is a process designed to focus participants on their learning, the skills gaps they need to close. It can be made up of a combination of formal and informal training, activities and opportunities that help participants grow their talents and skills.

Development programmes can be particularly useful in developing

  • talent

  • managerial thinking, capacity and skill

  • commercial and business acumen

  • business development and growth practices, skills and approaches

  • call quality and customer experience

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